MicroScholarships for 5 students from 5 provinces

March 18, 2008

MicroScholarships project was able to provide 5 scholarships for 5 students from 5 provinces since January 2008. Each student will get 1000 LKR per month. Each student is expected to constantly update their academic achievements through their websites and blogs.

These are the lucky students.

MicroScholarships List
1.    Damahana
Name:- W.M.D.H. Menike
Blog :- http://dulariharshika.wordpress.com   

2.    Nihiluwa
Name -Sajani Ishara Baladura
web- http://www.ruhunulanka.org/sajani.html
Blog- http://sajaniishara.wordpress.com

3.    Nikawewa
Name – H.M. Sakunthala Maduwanthi Jayasinghe
Blog http://maduwanthi.wordpress.com/

4.    Mahalakotuwa
Name – D. G. Prasanna Pradeep Bandara.
Blog                   http://sriprasanna.wordpress.com

5.    Pitakumbura
Name                     :      J.P. Buddhika Nishanthi
Blog                 :      http://buddika.wordpress.com


Computer Skills for Horizon Lanka Students

March 18, 2008

You can help Horizon Lanka students in Mahavilachchiya to get a qulaity ICT education under Horizon Lanka – CyberSkills ICT Education Program by contributing through Global Giving secure payment gateway. Vist http://www.globalgiving.com/pr/1700/proj1657a.html?RF=widget_large1657

Read more details about Horizon Lanka – CyberSkills  ICT Education Program by visiting this link. http://www.horizonlanka.org/news/ict_education1/index.html


MicroScholarships – Helping the needy Sri Lankan students to study

August 19, 2007

MicroScholarships is a project initiated by Horizon Lanka that aims to help deserving students in their education. Many capable students in rural Sri Lanka are forced to interrupt their education because of financial difficulties. This robs them of the pleasures of childhood and prevents them from growing up to be productive citizens. Children at Mahavilachchiya, Anuradhapura or any other part of the country are no exception.

MicroScholarships project ensures that every child in the scheme gets a quality education and a happy childhood. Under the programme, a volunteer offers the child a small amount of money every month. (minimum 500 LKR per month.) The child uses the money mainly on educational needs and constantly updated the sponsor about the educational and extra curricular achievements.